12 Month Program
Unlimited Classes Per Week

Includes Black Belt Club, Protech, Kardio-Kickboxing and Leadership Programs

Leadership Training Package

  • Heavyweight Uniform with Collar and Patches
  • Leadership Manual
  • ATA Xtreme Uniform
  • Ssahng Nat (Kama) Set
Leadership Program

  • Leadership Training
    (Role Model For Fellow Students)
  • Access To Leadership Class
    (Learn How To Think, Act & Communicate Like A Leader)
  • State Champion Competition
    (Compete For Title of State Champion)
  • Special Board Breaking
    (Unique Techniques To Be Used For Demos)
  • ATA Xtreme Training
    (The Future in the Martial Arts is Here!)
  • Demo Team Participation
    (Build Confidence Taking Part in Exciting Demonstrations)
  • Special Discounts
    (30% Off Tuition for Additional Family Members;
    4th Family Member $10 per month)
    (15% Merchandise Discount)
  • Guest Privileges
    (Free Guest Passes Upon Request for Friends and Family)
  • Advanced Self Defense
    (Intensive Training For Armed and Unarmed Attacks)

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Click to download full size poster.

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