12 Month Program
3 Classes Per Week Plus
Two Protech Workout Each Month

Black Belt Training Package

  • Full Sparring Equipment
  • 3 Year ATA Membership
  • ATA Weapons Bag
  • Black Belt Curriculum Manual
  • Protech Sshang Jeol Bong (Nunchacku) and Bahng Mahng Ee (Stick)
Black Belt Club

  • 1st Degree Black Belt Rank
    (International Certification)
  • Taekwondo Philosophy
    (Reinforcement & Development of Personal Values)
  • Songham Taekwondo Forms
    (Physical and Mental Training)
  • Board Breaking Techniques
    (Improve Focus, Confidence and Power Development)
  • ATA Rank Certification
  • National Transfer Network
    (1,200+ Academies, Schools, and Clubs Nationwide)
  • Special Discounts
    (20% Off Tuition for Additional Family Members;
    4th Family Member $10 per month)
    (10% Merchandise Discount)
  • Guest Privileges
    (Free Guest Passes Upon Request for Friends and Family)
  • Access To Special Clinics
    (Advanced Training with Instructor Approval, Fee Required)

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Click to download full size poster.

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